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9-1-2020. Was Shocked & Saddened to Hear of the Passing. Of Roman Matousek. Ceske Speedway Racer. And Slany Native. On Leaving After Work.

First Seeing Him in 1986. On a Sun Baked June Day. At the World Pairs Championship. Pocking, Germany.
Traveled By Coach to Watch & Support. Sam Ermolenko & Kelly Moran. They Came Second to Winners Denmark.

Stars of The Show Though. Were Armando Castagna. Plus the Bronze Medal Winners. Roman Matousek & A Kasper Jnr.
Treating the Crowd down the Back Straight to Numerous Wheelies . After the Meeting.

Roman Came to the UK. Riding for Coventry. Then Starred for My Home City Club. Sheffield Tigers.
Making Over One Hundred Appearances. Scoring Over One Thousand Points !!!.
He Finished Seventh. In the One Off 1998 World Final.

Roman Did Not Ride Super Tuned Bikes. What He Had. He Rode the Wheels Off. He did Things on His Machine. Which He was Really Not Entitled to Achieve !. He Never Knew When He was Beaten. Going for Gaps Where Lesser M…
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The Czech General Consulate Sponsored & Organized. A Talk by Dissident, Journalist & Musician. Jan Machacek.

Talk is Held in the Impressive Firth Court, Sheffield University. Who Also Sponsor Along with The Sheffield Czech, Slovak Society.

A Good Spread of Food. Plus Always Welcome. A Fine Selection of Czech Wines & Budvar Pivo. Kindly Donated by the Czech Manchester Consulate, Dekuji.

With the Audience Suitably Refreshed. They are All Ears, to the Speaker.

What a Interesting Life He has Led. From His Early Years. Guided in the Right Direction by His Mother.
Schooled away from the Center of Praha. Jan Went to the Grammar School in Radotin.

When National Service Came Around. He Found Work in Heating Large Buildings. Very Hard Grueling Work. Shoveling Coal.
Many Dissidents did Hard Manual Work. It Kept them Out of the Way of the Authority,s . Modal Citizen,s !!!.
People Like Havel, Ivan Klima, Likewise.

Thing I Find Hard to Grasp. People Who Did Not Tow the Party …


9-10-19 On Entering . View Bronze Bust Of Liu Xiaobo. By Marie Seborova. Because of Tiananmen Square Awareness. Liu Xiaobo was Repeat Arrested, put in Prison. On Multiple Occasions. Where He Eventually Died.

The Chinese Government give Much Funding Around the World. Anything Said, Not to Their Liking. Funding Withdrawn.
Musical Czech Ensembles Tours to China Cancelled. Funding to Slavia Praha Taken Away. Spoiled Child Comes to Mind !.

Main Exhibition is Of Petr Sis. Bruno Born. Cartoonist, Writer of Children,s Books, Illustrator & Graphic Artist.

Fundamental Requirement For Viewing. Is a Active Imagination.

Birds a Common Theme of My Visit to Praha this October. " The Painted Bird ", Ceske Film, Nominated for the Oscars. Was Very Impressive Previous Evening.

Wise Hoopoe Bird. Opens Sis Exhibition. Leader of Flock of Birds. From Sis Book " The Conference Of Birds ". Book was Inspired By Sufi Poem.
Birds Set Off on Dangerous & Long Journey. In Search of Mou…


Colour,s is Some Festival. Apart from the Various Musical Offering,s. Film,s, Talk,s, Well Being. You Name it is Available.

Site Cover,s a Huge Area. Of Ostrava,s Industrial Heritage.

Was Lucky on the Thursday. Pavel, Dropped Me at the Far Side of the Site, Kofola Stage.
On Arrival Were Ochepovsky. Jazz Influenced Musical Collective. The Composer, Producer & Guitarist Leader. Began in Russia. Then Continued to Praha. Reminded Me of the Band, Chicago. Fine Brass. Just the Thing, While Watching the Sun Go Down.

Headlining Thursday, Was Rag N Bone Man. Knew " Human ", Gigantic Hit. Was Open Minded About Rest Of Content.
Need Not Have Worried. The Man Has a Big Soul. Good Presence. Fine Song Writer.
First Festival Appearance. Followed by a Quick Second. In My Home City, Sheffield Tramline,s Festival.

Friday at the Festival. See,s Slovak Band. Mr Teddy & The Sidekick,s . Good Old Fashioned Rock & Roll. They Can Really Rock. Much Dancing Ensured.

Went to Discussion Ti…


Wonderful to be Back in Ostrava. Staying in the Quality Hotel. Ano, it is That !.

Many People From Around the World. Come to the Czech Republic. Though Few Venture any Further Then Praha.
Praha has Many Glorious Attributes .
The Czech Republic Has Far More to Offer.

Here In Ostrava For The Colours Of Ostrava Festival. Area Offers Many Places that Supply Good Pivo. Like Radegast, Qasak. Or the Ostravar Brewery. Ostravar Brewery has a Museum. Quite Handy one Transport Stop From My Hotel. It Closes Early Evening. Mind, Across The Road is A Beer Garden. Open to Families , Dogs & Goats. I Kidd You Not !

First Evening Enjoyed Huge Pivo, Watching the Sun Go Down.

Have a Good Friend Pavel. We Had a Fine Goulash at Radegastovna Na Namesti. Then He Took Me Sightseeing. A Slag Heap. Not The Tourist One. Could Be in Iceland !. Intriguing Directly Opposite is a Beautiful Lake. Fisherman Winding Down from all Their Problems of Everyday Life. Maybe Fishing is Not Your Bag. Two Compete Contrast…


Book by Richard Askwith. About Lata Brandisova. Only Woman Winner Of The Velka Pardubika Steeplechase.

Richard, Runner & Journalist. Wrote a Good Book on Running. Came to My Attention. With His Book on Czech Athlete, Emil Zatopek. A Very Fine Read. One Of My Favourites in Fact.

All My Years in The Czech Republic. Pardubice Was My Starting Point. Went for The Zlata Priba, Speedway. So Knew of the Horse Race.

Czechs Gather Around the TV Yearly. Everything Stops. To See the National Event. Like the Aintree Equivalent.

Richard Has Done Exhaustive Research. Really Liked the Extensive Notes & Tips for Further Reading. Would Recommend The Radetzky March By Joseph Roth.

Lata had a Ideal Childhood. From Nobility of a Kind. Though Not So Rich By Any Means. At The Time of The Hapsburg Empire. Living in The Country. Running around with Dogs & Horses.

Lata,s Biggest Love Being Horses. She has Affinity with. Thrust to take Control of Her Big Family. After The Early Death Of Her …


24-3-19. Back in the Comfort Zone. Praha CZ. Straight out for Something to Eat. Kulovy Blesk. Their Excellent Venison Goulash. Every Drop of Sauce Consumed. Clean Plate !. Thornbridge Brewery Doing the Praha Bar Rounds.

There Hop Lager Union with Bad Flash. Refreshing. Plus a Mighty Fine Chocolate Stout.

Monday, Visit To DOX. Exhibition of Czech Architect Eva Jiricna. Moved to the UK in 1968. Highlight of Exhibition. Wonderful Glass Staircase. Transported from Paris to Praha and in to DOX.

Videos of Her Explaining her Work. She is Very Hands on. No Ladder too High to Climb on Site. Photo,s, Modals of Her Designs.

In the Czech Republic. Zlin University & Concert Hall. Vaclav Havel Viewing St Annes Church, Praha, Plus The Orangery at Hradcany.

At the UK . Greenwich Hotel & Faith Center at the O2 Arena. Bus Stations are Common Too. One in London & One in Venice. Fascinating Stuff. You Lose Track of Time. Enjoying Viewing Everything.

Another Exhibition of Czech Band…