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14/11/2011. Make My Way to Pivovar Basta, Taborska 49, Praha 4. Brew their own Here, Quality Pivo. SMS Max, to Say if He is Early, I am in Pivovar Basta. I am in Pivovar Basta, Came the Reply !. So He His !. Always Good to See Max. He Has Good Website, & Excellent Book. He His Getting Much Acclaim. Which is Well Deserved. I take a Fine Interest in Beer. However it is a Drop in the Ocean, to Max,s Knowledge. Continue on to Zly Casy. The Best Bar in Praha, in My Opinion. It has a Very Relaxed Feel. Drink Porter, Hirschen Trunk Special 5.5 abv, Radnicai Amber Ale 4.5 abv, & Kocour American IPA Sumurai 6.0 abv. All in Good Quality Condition. Time Fly,s, Max is Picked up by His Wife. Good Afternoon is Had by All !.


14/11/2011. Last Full Day in Praha. Travel to Holesovice. Big Supporter of Sparta Praha. Ice Hockey & Football. It Goes without Saying I Visit Both Stadiums !. Brought with Me Max Bahnsons Great New Book. " Prague a Pissheads Pub Guide ". If You have not Purchased it Yet. Why Not it is a Must Buy !. I will do All the Pub Crawls in Time. Holesovice is as Good as a Place to Start. U Houbare is in a Area I know Well. I am a Frequent Visitor to Bohemia Bagel. U Poctu walk Past a Lot Too, on the Way to A C Sparta Praha. Place Where I Decide to Drink is Klasterni Pivnice Sumavan, Ovenecka 15. Max,s Map,s are Easy to Follow. My Sort of Bar. Typical Traditional Czech Bar. Through the Door, then a Curtain. Small Menu, But Many Eating, All Tables Full at Lunch Time, Good Sign. Klaster 11 per cent is Cool and a Good Pint. Get Talking to a Regular. Complete for My Friend Alex, with a Dallas Cowboys Jacket !. Very Interesting Man, has Family in Belgium. Talk about My Home City Shef…