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22/10/12. Day of My Departure. Misty. Do not do many of the Touristy things Now. Charles Bridge never Tires Me though. Jazz Band Playing adds to Mood. Visit Ferdinanda. Karmelitska 379/18. Across from the Church with the Little Jesus. Mala Strana. Downstairs to the Cellar Bar. Bit like the Cavern Club, Liverpool. Better Pivo though. Good Vibe. People having Early Lunch. High Quality Svijany. It is so laid Back Here. Much time could be consumed. Return Visit a Must. With Food, Too. Merry Christmas to My Followers. May 2013 Bring You Everything You Desire. Blog 100 !. Well Done Terry. If I May say So Myself !.


20/21 - 10 - 12. Special Moments with R. Golden Times to Treasure. Best Goulash Ever Tasted. Times I Wish, would Never End. Take Monty for a Long Walk in Krc Forest. Stop for a Drink. Krc Forest Relaxing & Beautiful. Monty is a Lovely Dog. Friend Made. Lovely Character. Second Day, Even Let Me Have His Ball !. Sunday Evening watch H C Sparta Praha play at Kalolvy Vary, on TV. Sparta play very Well. Considering Sparta,s Bad Run. Michal Bros to the Fore. But Silly Penalty,s Tell. You cannot Keep Playing 5 on 3. Without Being Punished. R. s Krusovice & Sandwichs ease My Disappointment. Lou Reed. " Perfect Day ", captured Saturday, Exactly.


19/10/12. Sometimes you can Live Your Life, Too Rich. Taking Too Many Bites Out of Life,s Cherry !. Eat Well, & Much Pivo Intake. Your Stomach Says No. and you Must Adapt. Or face the Circumstances. Good Time to Visit DOX, Holesovice. Main Exhibit is " The Feminine in Viennese ". Actionish/ Hummel ( Collection Vienna ). Pictures & Film. Found it Disturbing. Always Been Pro Woman, and their Rights & Views. Found it Degrading. Art, for Arts Sake. Only Picture I Liked. Was Edward Wurm " One Minute Sculpture ". Good Thing about DOX, always Thought Provoking. Browsed their Shop. Not a Good thing to do. Plenty of Things i Desired. No Money to Buy them !. Liked Designer Maxim Velcovsky,s Qubus & Tiger. Lighter Exibit,s on Show at DOX. Were Jan Jakub Kotik " Forces of Resistance ". Household Objects given Meaning. Like Toast, Stopwatch, Iron & Vacuum Cleaner. Tank & Solder in Textile. Have Hot Choc in their Cafe. Exhibit outside near Ches…


18/10/12. Meeting Friend M at the Hollow. Bar Jama, V Jama 7. M with Busy Tour Guide Business. Nice growing Family Too. She lets Me Know She will Be Late. Her Husband also wanted to Attend. Was Looking Forward to a Burger. Without Babysitter, had to Miss Out. Which is a Shame. Would have been Nice to Meet Him. Maybe Next Time. Burgers are very Good Here. Brewsta,s Burger List, now Out. Another Good Burger, B Bagel, Holesovice, which I Like, comes Third in List. Jama comes 7 th, all Relative. Jama for Me, takes all the Beating. Being alone waiting is No Hardship, Here though. The Quality of Pivo, & Choice, Very Good. Place Owned by Chicago Born, Max. Good Place to Watch Sports, Like American Football. Have " Prince Max ", Vysoky Chlumec. M Arrives. Have Lengthy Talk. About Her Life, Business. And Something of a Joint Sadness. The Death of Vaclav Havel. Time Passes So Fast. R has Made Contact Too. Have Kvasar Honey Pivo. It is Time to Leave. Pass Messages to Her Family &a…


18/10/12. Go back to Kamyk. Make My Way to Vysehrad. Special Place. Walk round Graveyard. Read My Book. Walk Back over Nusle Bridge ( Suicide Bridge ). Then Through Karlova Namesti. University & Medical Establishments. How Many Times I Return to Praha. Still leaves Me Open Mouthed in its Beauty. Always wanted to Sample the Cafe Culture. Cafe Louvre, Good Place to Start. Popular with Artists & Intellectuals, through the Ages. Upstairs, managed to Find a Free Table, a Feat. Kolac Riccotta Cake ( Lemon ). With Cream. Plus Cappuccino. Why Not Live Like A Lord. Then down to The Vltava. Over The Bridge from the National Theatre. On to Kampa Island. See the Sun Go Down, Bliss.


18/10/12. Grey Day In Teplice. Make My Way to Rail Station. Train to Praha, very Full. Most Compartments are Full. Could understand why some people could be intimidated by this. One i Choose contained one Girl, one Man, and Two Ladies. Young Man had a Computer on, Full Blast. CZ Version of the Simpsons playing. Ten Mins was Amusing. One Hour 30 mins. Bit Too Full On !. Girl and Ladies Alighted at Usti Nad Labem. Relieved to be away from the Computer. Ladies give me nice Parting Greeting and Knowing Look. On Arrival at Praha. It is Sunny and Warm. Praha Man is Back. Happy & Content.


17/18 - 10-12.Hotel Dexter. Vrchlickeho 701/16. 415 01 Teplice. My Room, is Huge. Consists of Two Beds, TV, Settee, Separate Toilet, Bathroom & Shower Room. Very Impressive. Room Number One, Second Floor. Following a Trend Here. After Day Sight Seeing in Teplice. Watch TV in Room. Mainly German Channels. Is Near German Border. With Me Being very Pro Czech. Like CZ TV, Especially Sports. So Had Long Soak in the Large Bath. Felt Like a King !. Next Day, Breakfast on My Floor. Coffee, Bread, Ham & Cheese. Offered Ham & Eggs. Settled for Sausages with Tomato Ketchup. But I Had and Prefer Mustard. All Very Nice. Teplice is Very Beautiful and Charming. R & M, Are Teplice Natives. Women that have Huge Influence, and Inspire My Life. Made My Life Richer & For the Better. Teplice has Made Them in to Wonderful People. R & M Should Be Rightly Proud of Their Home City. Enjoyed Teplice, and I will be Back, for Sure.


17/10/12. Eat at Prince De Ligne. Restaurant, part of a Very Nice Hotel. Guests using the Spa. Staying in the Hotel. Restaurant is Very Classy, Nice Decor. Have Chicken with Grilled Pineapple. Not a Big Fan of Pineapple, especially with Pizza. This was Really Good though, Blended Well. All Cooked in a Spicy Red Pepper Sauce. Have also a Side Order of Roast Potatoes. Washed Down with Pilsner Urquell,s. Coffee to Digest. High Quality Meal. Taste of Uruguay, Says the Menu. Fine, No Sign of Luis Suarez Diving Either. See More Teplice Sights. Then Back to My Base. Lovely Day in Nice Setting. Very Relaxing. Just What I Need.


9/11/2012. Been Looking Forward to a Praha Symphony Orchestra Concert. For Some Time. At Last it is Here. Sheffield City Hall Celebrates its 80 th Anniversary. Sheffield Czech/Slovak Forum Members, also in Attendance. One Member, not Been for Some Time. Last Time, maybe back in Bratislava. After Small Glass of 6-0 abv, Dutch Red Ale. Listen to Talk from BBC Broadcaster, Trisha Cooper & Chloe Hanslip, Violin Soloist. She Plays a Guameri Del Gesu 1737 Violin. Which She Says, plays Better in Cold Conditions. Interested that She Reviews Music that She is to Perform, even on Day of Performance. Also it can Alter with the Different Orchestras, Conductor, or Halls it is to be Played in. All Fascinating Stuff. Chloe has been Playing Violin since 7, and is used to Living from a Suitcase. The Orchestra is Conducted by Heiko Mathias Forster. Lead by Rita Cepurcenko. Concert Begins with Mozart Overture : Don Giovanni. Last Heard in Praha, with Puppets !. Then Chloe Performs Johannes Brahms,…


17/10/12. Make My Way to Hlavni Nadrazi. Refurbished. Still has the Romance though, that Lured Dvorak. And his Great Hobby, Train Spotting. Many Czechs travel to Teplice by Road. Quicker and Cheaper. Though by Rail you Miss the Beautiful Czech Countryside. Mind you at Usti Nad Labem, you also See, the Chemical Works & The Recycling Plant. Mainly Beauty Though. Especially the River Views. As it is Autumn, Shades of Brown, Yellow & Green the Most Common. M Kindly give Me Directions. Being Me though, Got Lost. My Base, Hotel Dexter, on a Nice Street. Teplice has Many Nice Parks, Places of Historical Interest, and the Legendary Spa,s. Make My Way to the Main Square. Coffee & Cake at the Mocca Cafe. Nice Day, So I have a Outside Table. Can Read My Book, and People Watch. Stroll past Fountains, and Beethoven. Towards the City,s Museum. Time for a Bite to Eat.


16/10/12. Obtain Ticket from Letna. For Czech Republic v Bulgaria. World Cup Qualifier. After Walk. Make my Way to Game. Go to Restaurant Prazen, Stromovka. Ideal in Summer, for Outside Drinking. Inside, Very Good Uneticky Pivo. Must Promise to Have a Meal here in the Future. Then on to Pivnice Sumavan. Have Been Before, Never Disappoints. Darts Game in Progress, just through Curtain. Smoke, Characters a Plenty. Atmosphere, Plus More !. Drink 24 Per Cent Tmavy Special, Porter. Smashing Brew !. Problem Here, Never in Long Enough. Receive Free Programme, when in Ground. Hot Dog with Mustard, Fills a Hole. Dancing Girls Before Match Starts. Dance to AC DC " Highway to Hell ", Those Moves !. Steady Girls. May Not be Able to Take this. Jsme Delicate !. Continue Dancing to Beegees, " You Should be Dancing ", Quite. Very Easy On the Eye !. Czech National Anthem, is Played. Always Draws a Wet Eye from Me. Be Proud. Some People May Say Silly. Could Not Give a Fig !. Match …


7/3/2012. Been Wanting to Go in November, But Ran Out of Time. So 18 Tram, then Tram 11 - Sporilov. Prvni Pivni Tramway. Na Chodovci 1A. Tramvajova Smycka - Praha 4 - Sporilov. Opens at 14 -00. Very Dark, inside. Two Steps, As You Enter. Yes I Miss Them !. This is My Kind of Bar. Kick Ass Rock. Music from an Old Jukebox. NHL Ice Hockey on TV. Boston Bruins 5 v Toronto Maple Leafs 4. Good Game to Watch. This is First Czech Bar, to Have Extra Tap, for Independent Pivo,s. 15 Years to the Day. Much Business taking Place. Pivo, First Class. I Had Primator Pilotmava 5-5 per cent. And, Amber India Pale Ale 16 per cent. Went Down Well. Owner was Busy. But had to Tell Him, what a Good Bar, He Has. Wish it Was in Sheffield !.


5/3/2012. First Morning in Praha. After Breakfast. Have Long Talk with M. Late for arranged Appointment with Friend. Arrive 5 Mins Late ( 10 -35 ). Although not Planned. Significant Time in Black History. Anniversary of Lidice. Raised to the Ground, in Retaliation for the Assassination of Nazi, Reinhard Heydrich ( at 10 - 35 ). At DOX, Holesovice. To Meet Friend M. Big History Fan & Successful Business Woman. My Personal Feelings on the Tragedy. Are, while Heydrich was a Very Evil Man. The Killing May have put a Stop to Him, & Changed History. However the Assailants got too Close to the Czech People. Who at great Risk Harboured them. To The Huge Cost to the Village of Lidice. The World Will Never Forget. Although there was informants. Raising the Village to the Ground. Killing Men, Women, Children & Animals. Burning Houses, Digging up Graves. Even Filming it. Begs Belief. Just Pure Evil !. First thing We See is " Silent Village ". Short Film by Humphrey Jennings.…


15/1/2012. Arrive for Screening of Director Petr Jancarek,s Documentary. " Vaclav Havel. Prague - Castle ". Organised by the Czech Centre. In Collaboration with the Czech Embassy in The UK. Gate Picturehouse. 87 Notting Hill Gate. It was the Electric Palace. In 1909, Lester Rosenthal made a Application for the Ground Floor of the Golden Bell, Coffee House. To be Made a Cinema. The Electric Palace Opening it,s Door,s, 15 th April 1911. Large Crowd, Many Czech Voices, Nice to Hear. Start Delayed about 15 mins. Mr Havel,s Early Day,s as a President. No Office, Fax Machine, or even a Clock !. I have Read the Book " To the Castle and Back", By Vaclav Havel. Seen Some Early Film Footage. Though some of this, Not Seen Before. Got Quite Emotional. Film Music, Very Good. " Sugar Plum Fairy ", Lou Reed, Eagles,Rolling Stones, and Paul Simon, Live in Praha. Mr Havel Loved Music, although He was not very Musical Himself. When President Clinton was Honoured in Praha…