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1-9-2013. Second European Trophy Match at Vystaviste. Welcome Sign of The Sparta Drummer,s. Brings Better Atmosphere. Kuopia Fans Sat, row in Front of Me. T. Rachunek Opens the Scoring. Then Period of Game Where Kuopia go in Front. Scorer,s. Voutilainen, then Kolehmainen. Was Frustrating Time for Sparta. Hit the Cross Bar. Plus Decisions Going Against Us. Thought Actually Referee Was Wearing A Yellow Shirt !. Kuopia Fans Think this was Funny. Myself was Not So Amused !. Goals were Well Deserved & Improved My Mood. By Piskacek, then Kabat. Second Interval Brings Supporter Ice Race. Finns Win This. At Least Sparta Fan Won Friday !. Final Period Opens with Klimek Making it Four. K Kauppinen Makes it Tight Again. Buchtele Opens Lead Again. Kuopia Will Not Lie Down Though. Pither Makes it a Exciting Finish. In Their Vain Attempts to Level. They Pull their Net Minder. Does Not Work Though. Klimek Scores in Open Net. Kuopia Fans Now Rush Off !. Me I Salute H C Sparta Praha. Off Now to…


1-9-2013. Stepanska 3. Central Praha. Local Praha Bar. Producing Proper Traditional Czech Food Fare. Very Good Budvar Tankova Pivo. Smooth, Goes Down Well. Eat Grilled Neck Of Pork. Beautiful Piece Of Meat. Tender. Horseradish & Mustard. Enjoyed, Tremendous. Mix of Locals & Tourists. Even Got Mistaken For A Czech Citizen. Must Have A Czech Double !. Travel by Metro - Nadrazi Holesovice. Czech Child Drops Small Coin. Rolls Down Most Of Carriage. I Get Up to Retrieve It For Him. Beaming Smile & Thanks. The Essence Of Praha For Me.


1-9-2013. After a Brilliant Day in Krc. With R & Monty. Today is First Day Of September. Fancy A Walk. Alight from Hradcanska Metro. Walk Short Distance to Hrad. Problem for Me Now. Everywhere is Full of Tiresome Tourists !. Or to Sum it Better. With the Other Thing I Encounter. Better Word is BLAZNIVY !. Other Thing is Segway User,s !. These Things are Everywhere. Old Town Square, You Name it. The Ghastly Things, are There. Is there Any Code of Conduct, or a Any Lesson to Operate Them ?. They Do Not Go in a Straight Line. That is If the Owner can Stay On Them. Just Imagine you are Admiring Some Beautiful Architecture. Or Taking in the History of Praha. Then one of These Things comes in to Your Eye Line !. There are a Menace. If I had My Way, Outlawed !. Rant Over. Walk through Hrad, Down Royal Way. Over the Vltava. Not by Charles Bridge. Built Up a Nice Appetite.


20-9-2013. City Hall Concert. By the Halle. Conductor Sir Mark Elder. A First !. First Time Anton Dvorak Piece. The Water Goblin. Has Been Preformed in Sheffield. Opens the Sheffield International Concert Season 2013/14. Being a Member of the Dvorak Society. Makes Me Very Proud. Are You Seating Comfortably ?. Then I Shall Begin. Anton Dvorak Now at His Prime. Writes Stories Based on Karl Jaromfr Erben Poetry. The Garland. The Water Goblin the Negative Aspect of the Lake.Is a Green Evil Man. Green Hair, Makes His Own Green Socks. Mother Of Daughter Advises Her. Never Do Washing in the Lake. You Have Guessed it. She Does. Walking on Jetty, Loose Plank. She Falls In to the Lake. Pulled Down by the Water Goblin. Where She Becomes His Wife. They Have a Baby. She is Very Unhappy Under the Water. The Water Goblin Lets Her Return to the Surface. As Long as She Returns at Midnight. She Shows the Baby to Her Mother. And is Happy Again. Midnight Passes. She has Not Returned to the Lake. The Wa…


30-8-2013. Need to Cool Off. Ice Hockey. Sparta A Passion. Stadium Not Using All Sides. European Trophy Match. Sparta Praha v Finlands JYP Jyvaskyla. Good to See So Many Fans, Still with Michal Bros Shirts On. New Captain Has Big Boots To Fill. Sparta Enter to " Smoke On The Water ". By Deep Purple. Good Introduction. First Period. Sparta Get Early Power Play. Popperple Plays Well. Some Good Saves. Late On the Finns get a Power Play. Sparta Score Short Handed. Through Bahensky. Jyvaskyla Brought Some Fans. Friendly Bunch. Second Period Begins. Sparta,s Kubat had Early Chance. But Fails to Take It. Petr Ton Makes it Two. Before You Could Draw Breath. IT,S Three. Pacovosky Makes the Score Sheet. Then the Finn,s Score. Tuppurainen. Simon Gives a Silly Penalty Away for Tripping. Louhivaara Scores Through Net Minders Legs. Now 3 - 2. Stag Party Over from the UK. They Think They are Cool & Cleaver. I Can Assure Them. They Look Rather Silly !. Buchtele Scores the 4 TH. Tuppur…


30-8-2013. Obtain Ice Hockey Ticket from the Tipsport Arena. Walk on to Stromovka ( Royal Park ). Stromovka is Like Parks Used to be in My Childhood. I Just Chill Out Here. You can Walk your Dog. Just Walk, Cycle, Jog, or Even Rollerblade. Young, Old, & Family,s. All at Peace, and Enjoying Themselves. One of My Favourite Walks through Stromovka to the Prague Zoo & the Troja Chateau. Time for Me to Sit, and Write & Read. Bliss. No Worry,s of the Syria Conflict, Welfare Breakdown, even Money !. If Time Just Could Stand Still.


30-8-2013. Visiting DOX, Last October. Wanted to Check This Out. Now I Can. CROSSCLUB.CZ. Davidkova 642/37. 182 00. Praha. It is Cafe/Bar/Garden. Giving Pivo a Break. Have Caffe Latte. Red Lentil Soup. Good Quality. Finish with Delicious Chocolate Mouse. With Strawberries & Sichuan Pepper. Good Reggae Music Back Drop. Nice Bar, With Friendly Staff. Will Visit Again.


29-8-13. Arrived Late to Meet Max. Just One Of Those Things. Just had a Few Words. As He Had To Go. You Can Reserve Tables. Popular When the Football is On. Drink Uneticky Pivo 12 Per Cent. Follow On with a Wheat Beer. Permon Psenicne 11 Per Cent. Football About to Start. Finish With Very Good & Strong. Falkon Night Stalker. 16 Per Cent IPA. Watch Back at Base. Slovan Liberec v Udinese. Slovan Play Very Well. They Won in Italy. Against More Fancied Opposition.


10-9-13. " EVILS WORKSHOP " By JACHYM TOPEL. Fact, Goats Cleared Grassland. Around the Terezin Red Fortress. Nowhere Enemy Could Hide. In Attacking the Fortification. Harsh, But Enjoyable Read. Executioner Assistant. Then Crawling Around Terezin,s Underground Passages. Visited Terezin in Last Couple Of Weeks. Walked Around Fortification Passage. Dark & Atmospheric. Liked Statement in Book. About Terezin Visitors Seeking to Clear Their Sick Minds !. Terezin Camp is Cleared. Plus Even the Goat Numbers Decrease. Second Part of Book Moves to Belarus. Where Nobody Knows. Who Killed Who ?. German, Russian, or Even Locals. Final Translators Page. Very Good & Informative. Good Read. Will Not Be the Last Jachym Topel Book, In My Hands.


29-8-13. Item on My Wish List Achieved. Red Fortress Terezin. All Sites Explored. Exhibition Centre, Magdeburg Barracks,Kremtium,Grave Memorial & Small Fortress. The People. Composer,s, Pavel Haas & Gideon Klein. The Opera " Flasinetar Brundibar ". Shown in Propaganda Film, Film the Nazi,s Made to Deceive The Swiss Red Cross. Directed By German Jew, Kurt Gerron. Czech - Jewish Artist & Cartoonist, Bedrich Fritta. Interest for Me. Poster,s For Football Match,s. Terezin v Sparta Praha. And Wien. My Highlights. Story of Drawing by Peter Ginz, of The Moon. In the Vadem Magazine. Taken By The Israeli Astronaut IIAN RAMON. On the Columbia Space Shuttle,to The Moon. Which Unfortunately Broke Apart on Re Entry, to The Earth. Feb 1 2003. Drawing was Damaged by Fire. Though there is A Small Fragment. Which Survived in a Israeli Museum. Also the Prayer Room & Replica of Attic, in No 17, Dlouha Street. And. the Enthusiastic Attendant at the Kremtium. Describing the W…


29-8-13. Early Start for Excursion to LIDICE. Mine Hosts For the Day. The Excellent Praga Caput Regni, Private Tours. 2 ND July 1942. Very Black Day In History. Massacre and Complete Removal Off the Map. Of Czech Village, LIDICE. In Retaliation to the Assassination. Of Evil Nazi, Reinhard Heydrich, Reichspratektor. Could Have Been Any Other Czech Community. But to Kill All the Men. Send the Majority of the Women to Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. Where Many Also Died. Shocking. More Heartbreaking 82 Children Handed to the Lodz Gestapo Office. Then Onward,s to the Extermination Camp Chelmno, 70 KM,S Away. Even Worse to Come. Killing All The Animals. Even Digging Up Graves !. Beggar,s Belief !. Area Before Memorial Exhibition. So Peaceful. Water Fountains. Plus Sculptures, Good & Bad. Telling the Story of LIDICE. Exhibition Itself. Modern Combination of Film, Lighting, and Exhibit,s. In Many Languages. Tear Jerking Letters, Read Out by The Lidice Children. Grass Land as Far as the …


28-8-13. Na Zertvach 32. Was First Customer of Afternoon. First Drink. U Tri Ruzy Polotmavy Lezak. Good Pivo to Start with. Bar has Nice Interior. Pictures on the Wall. Shutter,s to Let Air & Light in. Television. Big Choice of Quality Pivo,s Available. Second Beer . Brevnovsky Benedict Klasterni IPA 15 Per Cent. Good Strength. Demands Respect. Hungry. Have Debrecinske Nero Chilli Parecky. ( Chilli Sausage, with Mustard & Horseradish ). Filled A Hole. Very Good !. Finished with Beer of the Moment. Uneticky Pivo 10 Per Cent. End Day Watching Impressive Victoria Pilzen. Reaching the Champions League. Group Stage.


27-8-13. Happy Day,s are Here Again. Back to Praha. Signal Problem,s Mean I Catch 11-29 Train. To Manchester Airport. It was Twenty Min,s Late !. Word,s Like " Knew I Should Have Driven ". And " Missed My Connection Now ". Another One Later " Like Being Cattle ". All the Joy,s !. Suited Me Fine !. Just Out of Sheffield, Hope Tunnel. Good Omen for Trip. Have Last Drink at Manchester Airport. " Salopian Shropshire Gold ". 3.8 abv. Disturbing Air Flight Though. Next Seat,s Conversation. Described in Vivid Detail. Their Lengthy Operation. By Time I Arrived in Praha. Felt Like a Surgeon !. Continue to Praha 4. Among Friend,s. Evening Meal at Domyno. Pork Cutlet. Prestice Pig. Daikon Radish & Onion Ring,s. Washed Down with Kozel Pivo. Chocolate Ice Cream to Finish.