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30-11-13. Concert at the Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield. Winning the Wigmore Hall International String Quartet Competition. Their Prize a UK Tour. Tonight the Last Leg. The Arcadia Quartet Hail from Transylvania, Romania. My Early Arrival, Assured Me of a Good Seat. Two Rows From The Front. Part of The Music in the Round Series. Where Musicians Move Round after Each Piece of Music. The Music was Explained by the Viola Player, Traian Boala. Concert Begins with the Haydn Quartet in D OP76 NO5 ( 1796-7 ). Easy On the Ear. Music Familiar to Sheffield, Via the Lindsey,s. I am Here, with My Interest with The Dvorak Society. First I must Say Bad Form from Sheffield Theatre,s. In Their Advertising. To State Eastern European Music. Nothing Upsets People in the Region More, or Me Either. Praha is Slap Bang in Central Europe. Janacek Divides Opinion. Not Me, seen Katya Kabanova, at the Nearby Lyceum. His Musical Routes. Are Based in The Folk. Also thought of the Voice, as Music. Leo Janacek String String Quartet NO 1 in E Minor " The Kreutzer " Sonata ( 1923-24 ). As Explained by Traian. Based on Story by Tolstoy. Doctor with a Twisted Mind. Thinks He His Having a Affair with His Patient. She is in a Different Mind Frame. Then Kills Her. Then Thinks Better of it, Too Late. Written in October 1923. First Preformed a Year Later. By the Czech Quartet at the Mozarteum, Praha. 17 th October 1924. Interval is Taken. Next, is " La Seda Y el Metal ", Silk & Metal. Appropriate for the City of Steel. Written by the Quartets Teacher, Adrian Pop. If Janacek is Quick. This is the Direct Opposite. Slower Movement Playing. Music About Male & Female, Light & Dark, Good & Bad. Liked it. Rest of Arcadia, Ana Torok, Violin. Zsolt Torok, Cello, & Rasvan Dumitru, Violin. Concert Continues with Dreamy Debussy Quartet in G Minor OP10 ( 1893 ). Encore Finish,s With Romanian Rousing Dances. Purchased Their CD, Coupled with Janacek " Intimate Letters ". Quartet are Good Interpreters of Central European Music. Plus I have added them on Facebook. A Find. Finish Night with Pivo,s at the Old Queens Head. Been a Sheffield History Talk. Drink Thwaites, Nutty Black Mild. Then Hook Norton, Old Hooky 4-6 abv. Finish with Smoke Stack, Rauchbier, Smokey, Peat Taste. 5-8 abv. So After Long Day Working. Then Music, Plus Pivo. Go Home Happy.


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4-7-2017. Reach Prvni Pivni Tramway. Nearest Thing to a Local, For Me. The Tramway has a Certain Something. Atmosphere, The People are Great. Sporting Events on the TV. Tennis When i was There. Music to Die For !. The Pivo Cannot Be Touched. Everybody Speaks Czech. So i can just Chill. Sporilov is a alright Housing Estate Too !. Ticks Everything on My Checklist.

Stand at the Bar. Drink in Order. Gwern Zlobiva Blondyna. Then Miloto Faltus 11%. Ceska Trebova. Finish with Beskydsky Pivovarek. Oregon IPA. Ostravice. Nothing Really Matters Really. Ring Them Bells !!!.


30-6-17. Catch 10-42 Ceske Draha Train - Ostrava. Taxi to Hotel Maria, Privozska 23, 702 00. Room is Large, Traditional Czech.

Meet Pavel, Photographer with Photo Website. His Work Which i Admire. He has had Work Exhibited in Polska, Ostrava, & Soon in the UK.

Appreciate His Time. As He just Finished Work. Plus has a Pending Family Holiday in Bohemia Paradise.

Head by Foot to the City Center. Pavel Explains at the Weekend. City is Empty. However this Weekend there is a Festival.

Drink & Talk in Delightful Masarykovo Namesti. At Lovely New Bar, Radegastovna. Pavel Says the Food Here is Excellent.

Drink Two Volba Sladku. Well i am on Holiday with Good Company. Golden Pivo is Very Good.

Pavel Shows Me Ostrava Center. Plus We Look Round the Festival Site.


4-7-17. Number 11 Tram from I P Pavlova. Stop Off at Pivovar Kolcavka. Nuselska 159. Praha 4.
Good Sized, Tidy Building. Eat Fine Classic Cheese Burger. With Fries.

Pivo Start. Well it is Summer !. 13% Summer Ale ( 5-5 abv ). Dobre. Follow up with Just as Good. 12% Horka. Time would not Allow. Must Keep My Powder Dry. Would have Liked to Sample Their Ginger Beer 14%.

Tram Beckons for Prvni Pivni Tramway !.