Saturday, 21 December 2013


City Sister Silver. Jachym Topol. Came All the Way, from the USA. Well worth it. Some May Find it Hard to Read. Written in a Certain Style. Must have Been a Tough Translation. Although Dark. I Love Jachym Topol,s Writing. Not Everything is Light & Shade. From the Start. Germans Forced Out. The Dreams. Often Amusing Novak Narration from Auschwitz . Berlin, Chernobyl, Vietnamese. Life in the Countryside. Praha Central Railway Station. Which i can Remember. Before the Refit. The Rubbish Dump. Advertising & Film. People Who Descend to the Very Bottom. Yet Some People do Rise Back Again. Rounded & More Humble People. Mr Topol. Master Story - Teller.

Sunday, 15 December 2013


14-12-13. Manage to Finish Work Early. Dash to the Showroom. CZ & Slovak Sheffield Forum. Wanting CZ Film Content Shown at the Showroom. So Give them My Support. In Watching the Jan Svankmajer Special. Talk by Michael Brooke. From the BFI. Expert on this Subject. Horror, Vampire Films. Romania, Hungry, Too Near to Home. CZ, We have No Problems !. Jan Svankmajer. Czech Film Maker, Animator. Born in Praha. Loved Children. As they have No Limits to their Imagination. Collector of things. No Joke, had Collection of Masturbation Machine Drawings. Everybody to Their Own !. Was Hugely Influenced by Guiseppe Arcimboldo, Brothers Quay, Tim Burton. I see Salavador Dali. Puppetry is a Big Grounding in Animation, in the CZ. World Leaders, I Would Say. Jan Expert also in Clay Animation, & Tactile Images. Gothic Shorts. Many Filmed on Small Film. Rakvickama. Punch & Judy. Lost in Translation. Judy, Really a Clown. Real Star, a Guinea - Pig !. The Pendulum, The Pit & Hope. Escapes by Rats Eating Through His Bonds. Liked This a Lot. Then Castle of Otranto. Horace Walpole Book. This Done by Pseudo- Documentary. Book Based in Italy. Though much Rights Issues of Ownership, in CZ. Work suits the CZ. Second Edgar Allan Poe Feature. The Fall of the House of Usher. UK Narrated. OK. Liked the First Two Features, Better. Interval. Wonderful Homemade White Chocolate & Gingerbread Ice Cream. More on Jan. Surrealist, Married to S. Painter. Clip of Death of Stalinism in Utopia. Out Of the Body, Comes Gottwald !. Bet this Went Down Really Well. With the Authority,s !. He was Banned for a Time. He Really Liked Rodolf 2. Also a Big Collector. Jan also Collaborates with the Laterna Magika, Black Light Theatre. Revealing Clip of Early Jan Film, Moving Stones. Filmed in Austria. I would love to Watch his Film " Alice ". Second Half Continues. With Main Event Faust. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival. Glorious Mix of Clay Animation, Puppetry, & Real Life Action. You can see the Golam, In this. Famous Story of a Man Selling His Soul to the Devil. The Devil has the Best Puppets. Noise of the Devil, I Will Never Forget. No Wonder, He Was Turned !. One of Faust,s Wishes. To See the King of Portugal Birthdays Celebrations. He His Enraged, gets His Watery Revenge. Maybe England have a Secret Weapon. They Can Stop Ronaldo in the Football World Cup. In Brazil. Pray For Rain !. Faust, Well Worth Seeing. Was Cursed Before Filmed. Dogs Going Crazy. People Hanging themselves, and Losing it. Plus the Leading man Suffering Then Losing His Life to Pancreas Illness. If You Think About it. Yesterday was 13-12-13 !. Leave Cinema Entertained to Wild, Dark, Windy Night !.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


30-11-13. Concert at the Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield. Winning the Wigmore Hall International String Quartet Competition. Their Prize a UK Tour. Tonight the Last Leg. The Arcadia Quartet Hail from Transylvania, Romania. My Early Arrival, Assured Me of a Good Seat. Two Rows From The Front. Part of The Music in the Round Series. Where Musicians Move Round after Each Piece of Music. The Music was Explained by the Viola Player, Traian Boala. Concert Begins with the Haydn Quartet in D OP76 NO5 ( 1796-7 ). Easy On the Ear. Music Familiar to Sheffield, Via the Lindsey,s. I am Here, with My Interest with The Dvorak Society. First I must Say Bad Form from Sheffield Theatre,s. In Their Advertising. To State Eastern European Music. Nothing Upsets People in the Region More, or Me Either. Praha is Slap Bang in Central Europe. Janacek Divides Opinion. Not Me, seen Katya Kabanova, at the Nearby Lyceum. His Musical Routes. Are Based in The Folk. Also thought of the Voice, as Music. Leo Janacek String String Quartet NO 1 in E Minor " The Kreutzer " Sonata ( 1923-24 ). As Explained by Traian. Based on Story by Tolstoy. Doctor with a Twisted Mind. Thinks He His Having a Affair with His Patient. She is in a Different Mind Frame. Then Kills Her. Then Thinks Better of it, Too Late. Written in October 1923. First Preformed a Year Later. By the Czech Quartet at the Mozarteum, Praha. 17 th October 1924. Interval is Taken. Next, is " La Seda Y el Metal ", Silk & Metal. Appropriate for the City of Steel. Written by the Quartets Teacher, Adrian Pop. If Janacek is Quick. This is the Direct Opposite. Slower Movement Playing. Music About Male & Female, Light & Dark, Good & Bad. Liked it. Rest of Arcadia, Ana Torok, Violin. Zsolt Torok, Cello, & Rasvan Dumitru, Violin. Concert Continues with Dreamy Debussy Quartet in G Minor OP10 ( 1893 ). Encore Finish,s With Romanian Rousing Dances. Purchased Their CD, Coupled with Janacek " Intimate Letters ". Quartet are Good Interpreters of Central European Music. Plus I have added them on Facebook. A Find. Finish Night with Pivo,s at the Old Queens Head. Been a Sheffield History Talk. Drink Thwaites, Nutty Black Mild. Then Hook Norton, Old Hooky 4-6 abv. Finish with Smoke Stack, Rauchbier, Smokey, Peat Taste. 5-8 abv. So After Long Day Working. Then Music, Plus Pivo. Go Home Happy.