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16-10-14. All this Sightseeing Lark. I Have Built a Thirst Up. So Retire to Svatovaclavsky Pivovar. Marianska 4. Olomouc. Full. Good Sign. Can have Table for a While. Before Reserved Time. Brewery, Plus Food. And if You Want. Pivo Spa !. Begin with Raspberry Pivo. Anybody Who Knows Me. Knows i Adore Raspberry,s. Nice Drink. Hungry Too. Was going to Have Sides Too. Was Told Plates, where Huge. Not Wrong. Enjoyed Pork Knuckle, Sauerkraut & Home Made Dumpling,s. Now Full. Finish with Svatovaclavsky 12 Per Cent ( Big One ). Plenty more in Pivo Range. Was Tempted with Tmave Pivo Pano Bruno, 13 Per Cent. Which Many Women Were Drinking. Nice Decor. Suit,s Of Armour. Good Friendly Service.


16-10-14. Really Appreciated Lucy. Picking Me Up From Praha Airport. Then Prepares My Breakfast, Next Day. Leave Hlavni Nadrazi for Olomouc. Journey past Dreaded O2 Arena ( Boo ). Continue Through Liben, Pardubice, Morvana, Ceska Trebova - Then Olomouc. Countryside on Journey, Lovely. Pass Fields. With, which Look Like Baywatch Lifeguard Towers. Looked but Could Not See Miss Anderson !. Then Picturesque Hills, With Mist, Slowly Rising. When in Olomouc, As My Want. Get Lost. Google Directions. Not Ideal. Czech Man Comes to My Rescue. Never Seen Someone with a Permanent Smile. This Man Could Smile for Fun !. Without Him. Would Not Have Arrived. Penzion Bellis. Semberova 46/2. Olomouc. Really Nice Place. Indoor Courtyard. Large Room. With Names ( Juta ), Not Numbers. Located Near Marian Column. Said Column Built for the Plague Victims of 1713-15. Olomouc is Famous For the Unesco Monument. Holy Trinity Column. Largest Group of Baroque Statues in Central Europe. Empress Maria Theresa wit…


15-10-14. With My Extra Time also Read the Independent Review. Good Article on Cider. Now Quite Fashionable. Mentioned that it is now, like the Position Beer was in 2000. Cider Traditional That is. Not the Sweet Flavoured, Alcopop. Well Liked by Women, with Good Sales. Magners Give the Cider Industry a Big Boost. Cleaver Advertised. Plus How it was Served. On the Rocks !. Mentioning it was Made From Real Apples !. Good Places Mentioned to Sample Cider. Southampton Arms, North London. In the Cider South West Heartland. The Apple, Bristol. Flughafen Zurich Airport. Has Great Architecture. Mass of Steel & Glass. Open Plan Layout. Have Meal. At Chale + Suisse. Swiss Cheese Burger. Good Meat Content. Served with French Fries & Tomato Ketchup Pot. Washed Down with Turhinen Gold. Brought Euro,s, Mistake. Done this Before Visiting Lake Garda, by Coach. Via Switzerland. Change given in Swiss Francs. Do Some Shopping for Special One,s. Leave Zurich - Beloved Praha. As Rain Starts t…