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By Jachym Topol. His Fourth Noval. Purchased in Pankrac. Christmas in the Czech Republic. Fairy Tales are Prevalent. Women Tree,s & Mask,s Of Czechia. Bring This to Mind. Brought Up By Nun,s. Coal Tar. Used to Combat Scabies & Lice. Good Rinse of the Mouth Too. If You Care to Lie !. IIYA Soon Grows Up Quick. What with Military Training. Then with a Soviet Tank Group. Lovely Symmetry at Sirem Airfield. Like Father then Son. Cannot Wait For Further Jachym Topol Output.

HEROIC 310 - 313.

Anniversary Of World War One, This Year. Art Exhibition of Jan Pekarek Paintings. Vystava / RAF - 1965. At The Old Queens Head. Arranged with The CZ/ Slovak, Society. Great Art. Really Liked the Old World War Two, Painting,s. Reference to the Free Czechoslavik Air Force. 310- 313 Squadron,s. These Heroic Pilots, & Crew. Who Fought in the Battle of Britain. The UK, Will Always Be in Their Debt. After Viewing the Czech Film " Stesti ". Plus the Czech, Slovak Christmas Party. Today Brings Me Back to The Old Queens Head. For My Czech Christmas Dinner. Very Good it was Too. Two, Pivo. Something to Warm Me Up. ( Dekujeme, Michal ). Cabbage Soup. Traditional Fish, with Potato Salad. Finished with Apple Sweet. Back to Work Tomorrow. All Good Things, Must Come To a End.


22-10-14. Reach Dlouha. Last Meal, of This Praha Visit. Fish & Chips. Dlouha 21. Praha 1. 110 00. You Are Eating Fish & Chips, In the Czech Republic ?. Why Not !. Restaurant, Remake Of London. Including Red Phone Box. Unique, Toilet Stop. Could Not Find My Way Back In. Must Be Pivo !. Have Large Cod & Chips. Complete with Paper. Only Gripe. Pea,s. Not as Good as Yorkshire Mushy Pea,s. Drink Coca Cola. Restaurant, Not One Food Joint. View Their Website. Many Different Things on There. Handy For Food. If You Have Pivo, at Near By Prague Beer Museum. Not Received Contact for Planned Drink. With UK Friend ( He contacted Me Later, But Too Late ). So I Return to Pankrac Arcade. Buy " Gargling With Tar ", By Jachym Topol. Pack. Early Flight In Morning.