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20-2-15. Today is My Friends Michal,s Birthday in Praha. Concerned, Left Contact Details with Him. SMS Tony, Who also is Attending. No Reply,s. Last Detail. I have. Tony said He would be in Haje, 18-00. Reach Haje, in Enough Time. Wait 25 Mins. No Sign. Plus, No Contact. Hope Michal Has a Good Birthday. Though My Time in Praha, is Precious. Leave for Roztyly. Catch Bus 135 - Sporilov. Really Enjoy, Prvni Pivni Tramway. Last Visit. No Time to Speak, to Jirka, Owner. Have Now. Though He His Rushed Off His Feet !.Party in Top Room. Start Evening with Maxmilan Polotmavy Special. 13 Per Cent. Continue with Konrad Bizon, Black IPA, 16 Per Cent. Finish with Matuska Cerna Raketa ( Black Rocket ), 17 Per Cent. All Great Pivo. Standing Room Only. Great Atmosphere. Women Kindly Interprets Conversation - Jirka. Terry You Must Learn Czech Fast !.


20-2-15. Early Start & Flight - Praha. Not Before Medium Vanilla Latte + Almond Croissant. Bite to Eat. At Uppercrust. Manchester Airport Outlet. Arrive Mid Day in Praha. Catch Up with Marcela. Nice Room with Balcony. Tired, But need Food. So Return to Old Favourite. Domyno, Novodvorska. Praha 4. Sit in Window Table. Great Sunshine Streams in Through Window. Drink Lovely Pivovar Matuska. Apollo Galaxy. Pale Ale. Have Meal with Beer Range. Hungarian Sausage, Pork, Sauerkraut, Pork Scratching, Sweet Chili, & Horseradish. Plus Bowl of Chips. Rhapsody of Flavour,s !. Fine Accompaniment For Pivo. Another Galaxy. Retire with Latte Coffee. Sunny Blissful Friday Afternoon.


Crikey. Just Down from the Charles Bridge. Where Mission Impossible Filmed. Man is Killed by Female Irish Vampire. Later in Book. Turns Another Man in to a Toad. Will Have to Watch My Step. Like Going Down There to Relax. Second Part of Come Hell or High Water. By Stephen Morris. Part 2 : Rising. Interesting Praha Folk Tales. Beginning with the Big Black Dog. Which guards Loretanska Namesti. Where Saints & Angels Dwell to Rest. Then a Imp. Be Careful What You Wish For. You Will Have to Pay !. Plus the Italian Hradcany Hill Worker. Walking About with a Nail Planted in his Forehead. Wanting Removal to Enter the Dead !. Carrying On from Book One. Good v Evil. Dark Side Wanting to Destroy Praha. Not Content on Flooding Praha. To Smash Charles Bridges Special Power. Now Having a go. At Another Place, Close to My Heart. Old Town Square,s Famous Clock. With the Aid of the Old - New Synagogue Rabbi Staff. Good Job the Defender,s have the Medals of the Infant Of Praha. Plus a Large Amoun…