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24-9-15. No Pivo Day, Today. Metro & Tram - Letna. Read Book. Then Tram & Metro - Andel. Have Time for Lunch. Before Planned Film to Watch. Head to Plzenska 344/1, Praha 5. To Ugova Salaterie. Nice Soup. Plus in the Czech Republic. Fruit Juice,s Like in the UK. Not Easily Available. Bad For Teeth. So Only Natural Made Fruit Drinks. Have a Good One Here. Freshly Made in Front Of You. Plenty of Money on Show. Designer Hand Bag,s to the Fore. Enjoying this Good Clean Living !.


23-9-15. Kulovy Blesk, Full. No Space Available. Stop at Prague Beer Museum 2, Namesti Miru, Americka 34/3, Praha 2. Nice New Outlet. Attentive Staff. Full of Happy Punter,s. Remind,s Me of Wetherspoon,s, Back Home. Seems Unlike a Praha Bar. Love the Rustic & Down to Earth Feel, of the First Prague Beer Museum, Better. Dlouha 720/46. Am More Comfortable There. Drink among a Few. Kocour Samural IPA. Plus My Friend,s Most Loved Pivo, of their Visit. Ferdinand D,este. Eat nice French Fries. Then Meet Couple from Sheffield. Even Better Still. They are Blades !. Final Drink at Mlsenej Kocour. Problem with Drinking All Day. Advice While Well Intended. Left Sour Taste. Advice to Terry. Never Put Anybody on a Pedestal !. Return Home.


23-9-15. Rugby World Cup Sensation. Japan Beat South Africa. They Try Again Against Scotland. Watch Game at Bar Jama, U Jama 7, Praha 1. With Friend,s From Edinburgh. So I Am Adopted Scot for the Day. Even Sing " Flower Of Scotland ". Bar Jama Has Excellent Range of Pivo,s. Drink Kutna Hora. Follow this Up Later with Zemsky. Last Visit was Disappointed with the Food. Excelled This Time Though. Enjoyed the Bulgarian Potato Soup. Following Irish Strew, was of Good Standard Too. Special Mention for the Bar & Waiting Staff. Looked After us in Style. Right Impressed. Which is More Than Can be Said for Next Door. Went Next Door to Kyvadio, after Jama. Drank Pilsner Urquell. Will Not Be in a Hurry to Visit there Again. Oh, and Scotland Duly Beat Japan !.


23-9-15. Raining in Praha, now. Something Which Happened at Last Visit to DOX. Attending Skvely Novy Svet ( Brave New World ). Holesovice Art Exhibition. Based on Future Viewpoint,s. Aldous Huxley ( Brave New World ). George Orwell ( 1984 ). & Ray Bradbury ( Fahrenheit 451 ). In Today,s Age, Constant Surveillance. The Consumer Society & Media Control. Orwell,s Vision. Just after the End of the Second World War. Time of the Cold War. Seemed Far Fetched. Not So, as it Turned Out. Very True. Plenty of Big Brother Invasion of People,s Privacy. Justification Being Given that it is a Home Security Issue. Globalization. Media Overlord,s. Exhibition is Take From International Contemporary Artist,s. My Highlight,s Being. Barbora Balkova,s ( Roundabout). Tethered Dictator,s, Hitler, Stalin & Mao Ce Tung. Work by Michal Clmala. Plus the Strom Tree. From the Science & Technology Centre. Ostrava CZ. Finish with Honey Cake & Latte. Located in the Good DOX Cafe.


22-9-15. Having Something to Celebrate. My Love of Sausage,s. Tonight,s Though was a Disappointment. Standard Down. Still I Have Visit to the Illegal Bar, Ve Smeckach, Praha 1. Run with Much Loving Care by Krc Born People. Drink Clock Twist American Red IPA 14 per cent. Seems Like a Different Drink then Earlier. Poured in a Tulip Glass. Good Head. Smooth. Very Rewarding. Finish with Clock Exorcist Stout, 14 per cent, Good Also. Small Bar. Nice Vibe. Well Run. My Praha City Centre Relaxing Place.


22-9-15. The O2 Arena. What One Fellow Sparta Fan. Calls UMBERTO,S CIRCUS . My first Thoughts of the O2. How Vast it is. Water is Taken From Me. From Security Checks. There Goes My Water Juggling Act !. Have Seat. Sektor: 109 Rada : 14 Misto : 16. Contribute to Sparta Songs. Crowd of 2,893 Dwarfed in Huge Arena. Sparta Take the Lead in 10 min Through Jan Buchtele. Assisted by Rewa & Pribyl. Follow this Up in Second Period. Jan Buchtele. 25 min. In Interval. Add to My Pin Badge Collection. Purchase A C Sparta Praha Badge. Assisted Rewa & Glenn. Go Further in Front Through Canadian Defenseman Ryan Glenn. 27 mins. Assisted by Sabolic & Pech. Worrying Trend for Sparta. Get Control of Match,s. Allow Opposition Back in. Through Defensive Lapses. Zurich Not in Game Before. Now Very Much in it. Score, 31 Mins. Herzog ( Ch Baltisberger, & Rising Star A Matthews ). Nervous End for Sparta. Lions Score in 45 Min. Foucault. ( Keller & Shannon ).Sparta Hold On. Match Ends. Ch…


22-9-15. Meet Scottish Friends. Over for the Speedway. At Bar Napalme, Na Zertvach. Praha 8. They are Touring the Praha Bars. With the Help of Evan Rails Beer Guide. I Prefer Max Pivero,s Book. With a New One Pending. Though Now i am Quite Comfortable & Settled in Praha. Quite Happy to Have Two Favourite Locals. Prvni Pivni Tramway, Plus Bar Napalme. Drink Uneticke 10 Per Cent. Friends Arrive. Much Banter. Including Remarks on Napalme Chalkboard. In the Gents Toilet. Second Drink. Clock Red X IPA. 14 per cent. Though Tastes OK. Appears Flat. Maybe End Of Barrel. Friends Leave for Ricter Brewery. Napalme Bar Owners very Helpful. Have Very Good Parek. Then Best Drink. Falk Off. Imperial IPA. 20 per cent. Especially Enjoyed. Leave for Short Journey. To the O2 Arena.


22-9-15. Arrive at The Tipsport Arena, Holesovice. Fine to Take Photo,s of The Great Building. Purchase H C Sparta Praha Merchandise. From the Fanshop. Plus a Ticket for the Night,s Hokej. Champion,s League Match v ZSC Lion,s Zurich. Reference the Club Owner,s Statement. Top European Hokej Club,s. Have Suggested that Champion Hokej League Match,s. Should Be Really Played in the New O2 Arena. Does this Matter ?. More then what the Lifeblood of the Club. The Supporter,s. Want & Think ?.What Palms Have Been Greased ?. Fans have Shown What they Think. After the First Break in the Opening Period. Silence. Champion League Prices are Higher in the O2. More than Any of the Other Competing Czech Teams. The People I Really Feel Sorry For. Are the Player,s. They Just Want To Play Hokej. They Train at the Old Stadium. Like the Brand New Facility,s & Playing Surface at the O2. Appear in Glossy Promotional Video,s. Showing the Wonderful Sights of Praha. To Boost the Attendance,s. Wonder i…


22-9-15. Metro - I P Pavlova. Tram - Narodni Divadlo. Being Big Sparta Fan. Everything " Slavia ". Is Taboo !. With H C Sparta Praha. Moving to the O2 Arena. Slavia,s Hokej Home. Terry Must Get Acclimatized. Before Sparta,s Tonight,s Champion Hokej League Match. So I Take a Step into the Not Known. Kavarna Slavia. Very Good View,s of the Vltava. Window Seats are all Reserved. This Place is Where All My Literary Hero,s Met & Talked. Vaclav Havel, Ivan Klima & Ludvik Vaculik. Pictures of Them Still Abound. Trapped in Time. I Am Seated Facing the Famous Painting. " The Absinthe Drinker ", By Viktor Oliva. Must Say. Do Love This Picture. Drink a Lovely " Slaviato ", Medove Latte ( Honey ). Was Delightful. So Terry. It Did Not Hurt Too Much. Did It ?. Now Ready for My First Visit to the O2 Arena.


21-9-15. After Breakfast. Travel to The Castle. Those Stupid Segway,s Again ! Ban Them !. Something Else. Selfies. It,s Not Big. Its Not Clever !. Sit in the Royal Garden,s, Read Book. After Exchanging Money. Head Back to Praha 4. Planned Last Week to Go to The Speedway at the Marketa, Tonight. Friends Over From Scotland. However They are Extra Special People in Your Life. Which Mean Everything to You. " R " is Special. Work is Very Important in The Czech Republic. So Your Time is Precious. Meet " R " after Her Work. Go to the Delightful Styl & Interior. Vodickova 35. Praha 1. Arriving through Passage lined with Baroque Angel,s. Wooden Decking in Romantic Magic Garden. Drink Latte Coffee. Much Conversation & Empathy. Plus Exchanging Of Gift,s. Watch Good Woody Allen Film " Iracionalni Muz ". At the Tusk Colosseum. Film located at Newport Rhode Island. Starring Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone. " R " then Buys Me Cake. What Can I Say. Sp…