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22-9-15. Metro - I P Pavlova. Tram - Narodni Divadlo. Being Big Sparta Fan. Everything " Slavia ". Is Taboo !. With H C Sparta Praha. Moving to the O2 Arena. Slavia,s Hokej Home. Terry Must Get Acclimatized. Before Sparta,s Tonight,s Champion Hokej League Match. So I Take a Step into the Not Known. Kavarna Slavia. Very Good View,s of the Vltava. Window Seats are all Reserved. This Place is Where All My Literary Hero,s Met & Talked. Vaclav Havel, Ivan Klima & Ludvik Vaculik. Pictures of Them Still Abound. Trapped in Time. I Am Seated Facing the Famous Painting. " The Absinthe Drinker ", By Viktor Oliva. Must Say. Do Love This Picture. Drink a Lovely " Slaviato ", Medove Latte ( Honey ). Was Delightful. So Terry. It Did Not Hurt Too Much. Did It ?. Now Ready for My First Visit to the O2 Arena.


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4-7-2017. Reach Prvni Pivni Tramway. Nearest Thing to a Local, For Me. The Tramway has a Certain Something. Atmosphere, The People are Great. Sporting Events on the TV. Tennis When i was There. Music to Die For !. The Pivo Cannot Be Touched. Everybody Speaks Czech. So i can just Chill. Sporilov is a alright Housing Estate Too !. Ticks Everything on My Checklist.

Stand at the Bar. Drink in Order. Gwern Zlobiva Blondyna. Then Miloto Faltus 11%. Ceska Trebova. Finish with Beskydsky Pivovarek. Oregon IPA. Ostravice. Nothing Really Matters Really. Ring Them Bells !!!.


30-6-17. Catch 10-42 Ceske Draha Train - Ostrava. Taxi to Hotel Maria, Privozska 23, 702 00. Room is Large, Traditional Czech.

Meet Pavel, Photographer with Photo Website. His Work Which i Admire. He has had Work Exhibited in Polska, Ostrava, & Soon in the UK.

Appreciate His Time. As He just Finished Work. Plus has a Pending Family Holiday in Bohemia Paradise.

Head by Foot to the City Center. Pavel Explains at the Weekend. City is Empty. However this Weekend there is a Festival.

Drink & Talk in Delightful Masarykovo Namesti. At Lovely New Bar, Radegastovna. Pavel Says the Food Here is Excellent.

Drink Two Volba Sladku. Well i am on Holiday with Good Company. Golden Pivo is Very Good.

Pavel Shows Me Ostrava Center. Plus We Look Round the Festival Site.


4-7-17. Number 11 Tram from I P Pavlova. Stop Off at Pivovar Kolcavka. Nuselska 159. Praha 4.
Good Sized, Tidy Building. Eat Fine Classic Cheese Burger. With Fries.

Pivo Start. Well it is Summer !. 13% Summer Ale ( 5-5 abv ). Dobre. Follow up with Just as Good. 12% Horka. Time would not Allow. Must Keep My Powder Dry. Would have Liked to Sample Their Ginger Beer 14%.

Tram Beckons for Prvni Pivni Tramway !.