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5-6-18. Third Site of Belle Vue Speedway. The Exhilaration & Spectacle , That Was Hyde Road. Then the Use of the Greyhound Stadium. Now the Purpose Built. National Speedway Stadium. On First Viewing. Very Impressive. Many Various Lines. Giving Fine Exciting Racing.

Race Off 2. To See Who Goes on With Russia, Germany & Denmark. From Race Off 1. To Join Hosts Polska in Wroclaw. In The Two Day Finals.

Here to Support Vaclav, Once Sheffield " Pepe " & Jan. Pepe in Marianske Lazne ( Longtrack ), Saturday . CZ Team, Zarnovica, Slovakia, Sunday. Van, Then Ferry to the UK. For Tonight,s Meeting A Heavy Stint for Anyone !.

The Czech Republic Team. Racing Against Six Other National Sides. Must Say the Weather Has Done Us Proud. Not Something Always Associated with Manchester !

We Start Off Well. Easy Win Over Finland. Second Outing. Pepe at the Back Behind Australian & Belle Vue Rider. Max Fricke.

This is World Pair,s Racing. Team Riding a Must !. Last Visit To The Pairs Format For Me. Being Pocking, Germany, 1986. There the Czechs Claimed Bronze. So My Love Of Czech Speedway Began. Roman Came to Sheffield. The Rest is History !

The Main Favourites are to Be Expected. The Home Team. Robert Lambert, (U21) Rider. Replacing Out Of Sorts, Craig Cook. Plus the Nicely Talked To Tai Woffinden. Now Back Riding For His Country. Still Should Be Noted Though. Will Not Be Riding in The British Championship. Next Week. Or in The British League. As You Can Gather. I Am not a Fan !!!.

The Swedes are Top Of the Pile. Antonio Lindback. For Me, Too Hit & Miss on the World Stage. But Rode Well Tonight.
And Fast Freddie Lindgren. Must Add He is Riding His Best, This Year. Commanding plus He has Added a Bit Of Steel Too !.
Without Injury,s. A Future World Champion.

The FIM. Included a U21 Rider to the Pairings. A Real Shame, Three Nations Tonight Appeared Tonight. Without One !.
The Idea Being. To Give Them More Experience . So Not Turning Up. Rather Defeats the Object !. Would Have Been Nice to See a Race. With Just Them in it.

Heat 17. Really Stuck in My Throat ! The Aussies Now Really Needing Points to Progress. Got Them. Nicely Packaged Up. Fitted Too Nicely For Me !. Great Britain Were Different Again. Three Races Later With Sweden.
Racing Improved as The Meeting Progressed. The Finns were a Revelation. They Really Shook the Aussies. That Certainly was Not in the Script !

Great Britain & Sweden Went Through. Then Came the Knockout Races. To Be Fair. The Czechs had Some Luck. Dimitri Berge Coming to a Halt & Retiring.

Then The Final Knock Out Race. For Third Place. To Go to Polska. Vaclav Raced Away. Though Pepe Trying His Heart Out. Could Not Split the Aussie Pairing. So Close. But a Bitter Pill to Swallow !
Vaclav was Impressive. Surely Should Be in the GP,s. Pepe Too Rode Well & Tried Really Hard

Some More Things to Mention. I Am All for Women Equality. Though the Woman Announcer. Did Not Work for Me. Sucking Lemons Would Be More Prevalent.

Worst Though. Who Came Up with the Czech Winning Music ?. A Russian Dirge !. How Insulting !!!.

The Rolling Stones Also Here in Manchester Tonight. Sum it Up Nicely. " I Cant Get No Satisfaction. !.


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4-7-2017. Reach Prvni Pivni Tramway. Nearest Thing to a Local, For Me. The Tramway has a Certain Something. Atmosphere, The People are Great. Sporting Events on the TV. Tennis When i was There. Music to Die For !. The Pivo Cannot Be Touched. Everybody Speaks Czech. So i can just Chill. Sporilov is a alright Housing Estate Too !. Ticks Everything on My Checklist.

Stand at the Bar. Drink in Order. Gwern Zlobiva Blondyna. Then Miloto Faltus 11%. Ceska Trebova. Finish with Beskydsky Pivovarek. Oregon IPA. Ostravice. Nothing Really Matters Really. Ring Them Bells !!!.


4-7-17. Number 11 Tram from I P Pavlova. Stop Off at Pivovar Kolcavka. Nuselska 159. Praha 4.
Good Sized, Tidy Building. Eat Fine Classic Cheese Burger. With Fries.

Pivo Start. Well it is Summer !. 13% Summer Ale ( 5-5 abv ). Dobre. Follow up with Just as Good. 12% Horka. Time would not Allow. Must Keep My Powder Dry. Would have Liked to Sample Their Ginger Beer 14%.

Tram Beckons for Prvni Pivni Tramway !.