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20-10-18. Lenta, Nowhere Better. To Have a Brisk Saturday Morning Walk. Fine Autumn Sunshine Rays Aplenty.

Around the Park. Plenty of Memories of the Nation. ( Pamet Naroda ). One of is of Ivan Martin Jirous, 1944 - 2011.
Founder of the Plastic People Of The Universe. Much Enjoyed My History Lesson In The Park !.

Exhibition " Hall Of Images ". Would Have Loved to have seen. However, Large Weekend Tourist Contingent. Rule the Roost !. Tues - Friday . Priority is Given for School Children. Would Not Want it Any Other Way. By All Accounts. A Fine Exhibition. Maybe a Permanent Site in the Future. Hope So.

Continue into the Middle Of Praha. Keep Away From the Tourist Hot Spots. Find it Wonderful. You Can Be in a Major European Capital City. Though you Would Not Know it Was a Saturday. No One Around. Relaxed Feel.

Lunch at The Delight. That is La Casa Blu. Kozi 857/15 11000 Praha. Mexican Food at its Best.
Afternoon Lay Back in Praha 4.

Evening Drink in Small. Though Fine, Ille…


19-10-18. Reaching Lihovar. Finding Meetfactory Quite Straight Forward. Passing Bygone Rail Carriages on way.

Fan of Art Complex DOX. Meetfactory with a Generous Grant from Praha City Council. On Same Lines. Love Feel of the Place.

Come to See Slav Squatting Exhibition. Running to November 4. Visualize Him Now !. Resplendent in Adidas Tracksuit. Smoking. Cheap Vodka in Hand. Pose Common in Asia. Meditation etc. Though Not Necessary with a Tracksuit.

Exhibition Free. Artists Involved From CZ, Polska & Ukraine.
Apart from the Slav Squatting. A Yellow Car is Playing Music into the Gallery.

Lenka Balounova,s take is. A Slavic Women. Russian Based. Fur Covered, Half Naked. With a Bear as a Friend.

Like Mad Dog. From Oleg Kulik in Collaboration with Alexander Brenek, 1994.

I Must Enjoyed. Drink Budvar outside in the Sunshine. Trains Pass to Smichovske Nadrazi. Building across Railway Tracks. With Roof Caved in. Not out of Place in Landscape.

First Day in Praha ends with a Meal. At the…