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26-11-15. Long Awaited, Sheffield City Hall Concert, has Arrived. Finish Work. Get Changed. Dash back to City Centre. At Stage Door, Greet Lovely BBC Broadcaster, Trisha Cooper. City Hall Backroom Staff. Very Polite & Friendly. Trisha Asked if the CZ, Slovak Sheffield Member,s. Would Like to Meet Maestro Pietari Inkinen. Conductor of the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Friend, Bibiana, Only One Interested.

Before this. Orchestra Member,s leave Rehearsal. Fascinating, to See them in Casual Wear. So at ease with their Work. So the Two of us are Shown to the Maestro,s Dressing Room. Behind in the City Hall. It is Apparent. How Much Space is at a Premium. Even After a Refurbishment.

Maestro Inkinen is a Charming & Easy to Talk To. Was Kind to Spare us Some Time. Maestro Inkinen is in Much Demand. Conductor as Well as the Prague Symphony, Conduct,s for the New Zealand Symphony, Japan Philharmonic & Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele Orchestra,s.

He Say,s the UK Tour is Going Well. He Enjoyed the London Date. After Today,s Concert. Just Two Venue,s Left. Nottingham & Leeds. Says it is the First Time Himself & The Orchestra have Visited Sheffield. We Welcome Him to Our City. He Asked about the CZ, Slovak Sheffield Forum. Plus My Membership of the Dvorak Society. We Wish Him Good Luck. With Thanks. He Even Posed for a Photo with us.

Enter the City Hall. Meet Marketa another Friend & Fellow Forum Member,s. I Leave to Listen to the Trisha Chaired Pre - Concert Talk. With Tonight,s Soloist, Chloe Hanslip. Chloe from a Musical Family. First Started Playing the Piano. Then Moved on to the Violin. Amused Audience of the Violin, sometimes Sounding like a Electric Toothbrush !. Also Spoke about Bows. The Weight of them. Plus because of the Ivory Ban in the USA. Had to Replace with a Silver Tip. Chloe enjoys doing Chamber Music. Learning So Much. Like with Her Work in Kutna Hora, CZ. Answered my E Mailed Question, at Length. Which was. Do You Have to Adapt Your Performance. To the Various Different Concert Venue,s ?. She Said the Sheffield City Hall. Anything was Possible !. See Friend,s & Forum Member,s for Wine in the City Bar. Even have Time to Wave to Bibiana,s Partner on a Mobile Phone. He His Working in Sweden.

Concert Begin,s with " Sarka ", From Smetana " Ma Vast ". Sarka, Rebel Heroine,s Vendetta Against All Men !. Concert Continue,s with Violin Soloist, Chloe Hanslip. She Plays the Beethoven Violin Concerto. Which She Plays so Well. Love How She Lives the Piece. Moving her Head to the Individual Orchestra Parts of the Concerto. Soloist & Orchestra as One !.

Interval is Reached. Time for Me to Have a Chocolate Ice Cream Tub. Then it is the Magnificent Dvorak Symphony NO 8. Evokes Dvorak,s Love of Nature & the Czech Countryside. Bird Song very Prevalent throughout.

Heard Live Many Times. Never heard the Flute Playing of the Bird Song. By Hana Brozova. Any Better. It was Outstanding & Memorable. Must State again the Sharp & Superior Brass Playing of Czech Orchestra,s.

Orchestra End Concert. With Two Encores. To Standing Applause. Finish with a DVORAK Slavonic Dance. Plus a Brahm,s Hungarian Dance. Played with Much Humour. A Night which i Will Alway,s Remember.


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20-10-18. Lenta, Nowhere Better. To Have a Brisk Saturday Morning Walk. Fine Autumn Sunshine Rays Aplenty.

Around the Park. Plenty of Memories of the Nation. ( Pamet Naroda ). One of is of Ivan Martin Jirous, 1944 - 2011.
Founder of the Plastic People Of The Universe. Much Enjoyed My History Lesson In The Park !.

Exhibition " Hall Of Images ". Would Have Loved to have seen. However, Large Weekend Tourist Contingent. Rule the Roost !. Tues - Friday . Priority is Given for School Children. Would Not Want it Any Other Way. By All Accounts. A Fine Exhibition. Maybe a Permanent Site in the Future. Hope So.

Continue into the Middle Of Praha. Keep Away From the Tourist Hot Spots. Find it Wonderful. You Can Be in a Major European Capital City. Though you Would Not Know it Was a Saturday. No One Around. Relaxed Feel.

Lunch at The Delight. That is La Casa Blu. Kozi 857/15 11000 Praha. Mexican Food at its Best.
Afternoon Lay Back in Praha 4.

Evening Drink in Small. Though Fine, Ille…


23-07-2018. Monday Night Concert at the Sukova Sin. Ceske Filharmonicke Kvarteto. Quartet Formed in 2000. Fine Program of Musical Sounds. Mozart Divertimento in D Major, Dvorak String Quartet NO 12, Puccini ( Chrysanthemam,s ) My Favourite Piece on the Night ). No Lull in the Proceedings.

Carry on with Smetana " From My Life ", Janacek " On a Overgrown Path ", Piazzolla " Libertango ". To End with Elgar " Salut " D.

If this was Not Enough. Two Encores. One From Lou Reed. No Fast Rules. Modern Music with Classical. All Played with Precision.

Audience Asian Tourists, Where The Quartet have Some Fame. Plus Ceske Concert Goers.

From Music to Branik Rock. Ceske Mythology Abounds. Branik Hospoda. You Can Sit Outside. Settle Inside. Branik Svetly 10. Cool. Goes Down Well. Pivo Snack in a Jar. " Utopenci ". Friendly & Attentive Staff. Return to Base After Staropramen Extra 12.


Book by Richard Askwith. About Lata Brandisova. Only Woman Winner Of The Velka Pardubika Steeplechase.

Richard, Runner & Journalist. Wrote a Good Book on Running. Came to My Attention. With His Book on Czech Athlete, Emil Zatopek. A Very Fine Read. One Of My Favourites in Fact.

All My Years in The Czech Republic. Pardubice Was My Starting Point. Went for The Zlata Priba, Speedway. So Knew of the Horse Race.

Czechs Gather Around the TV Yearly. Everything Stops. To See the National Event. Like the Aintree Equivalent.

Richard Has Done Exhaustive Research. Really Liked the Extensive Notes & Tips for Further Reading. Would Recommend The Radetzky March By Joseph Roth.

Lata had a Ideal Childhood. From Nobility of a Kind. Though Not So Rich By Any Means. At The Time of The Hapsburg Empire. Living in The Country. Running around with Dogs & Horses.

Lata,s Biggest Love Being Horses. She has Affinity with. Thrust to take Control of Her Big Family. After The Early Death Of Her …